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Kaman and Nathan’s Taronga Zoo Wedding, Sydney

Karl and I had so  so much fun photographing Kaman and Nathan’s wedding. Once the suckling pig had been chaperoned into Kaman’s house, the fun began. The groomsmen bribed their way into the house (with much resistance. In fact I think I can fairly accurately quote one groom saying, “you should be bribing us”). Once inside, the groomsmen began the challenges set out by the bridesmaids. There was a good mixture of kind-of- mean games and pretty hilarious games including eating raw chilli and lime. My favourite was the balloon challenge where Nathan had stacks of balloons tied to him which had to be popped by the groomsmen following some pretty tight rules (including no pins).

Well it wasn’t all just fun and games. There was certainly time for sentimentality. I was at Kaman’s house when she read a card written by Nathan. He had sent here a beautiful bunch of flowers – this was the first Nathan had sent Kaman flowers so it was a really special moment. There’s some really nice in-the-moment photos of Nathan reading a card from Kaman as he sits on his bed having some quiet time.

But how did this day all come about? From what I could tell from the amazing speeches during the evening, Kaman and Nathan had crossed paths a few times through Chinese school and university but the penny hadn’t quite dropped. Well, eventually the stars aligned and Kaman and Nathan became a couple and spent the next while together.  After a year apart having a long distance relationship, they met up a Europe and travelled the Greek Islands for a holiday. It was here that Nathan proposed. In Kaman’s words “He walked over to sit across from me and told me he had written a song and wanted me to listen to it. As he started singing, I listened to the lyrics carefully. A few lines in I realised that he was proposing. I started getting teary, but the lyrics were funny as well so Iwas laughing and crying at the same time. When he finished the song he handed over the lyrics and told me to read down the page. He had spelt out “Kaman will you marry me?” using the first letter of each line of the lyrics he had written. He got down on one knee and the rest is history!”

Thanks so much for having us be a part of your special day!

Kaman & Nathan’s Dream Team

Wedding Dress:Enzoani Eternal Bridal;      Jewelry:Bride La Boheme;      Shoes:Panache Bridal Shoes;       Rings: Nicholas Hayward Jewellery Concierge;      Hair: PV Hair Makeup ;     Make-up: PV Hair Makeup;       Flowers:Wild Blossom;       Cake: Kashaya & Co;      Stationery: Aimee Paints Illustration;       Videographer: In A Maze Films;       Entertainment: Diamond Strings (ceremony), DJ Patrick Short (reception).

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