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Tanya & Alexi, St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox, Sergeant’s Mess Wedding

Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0684 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0685 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0686 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0687 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0688 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0689 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0690 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0691 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0692 Seargents_Mess_Sydney_Greek_Wedding_0693

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People meet people. They fall in love and get married. They have lives together, careers, they have fur babies, they have human babies, and their families grow up. In the past 11 years, Bec and Karl have been photograping all these times in people's lives.

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