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Sydney Wet Weather Wedding Photography

Rain on Your Wedding Day

Wet Weather Wedding Photography. Well this is the subject that many (or most) couples don’t want to talk about. What happens if we have wet weather on our wedding day? It’s pretty much the elephant in the room when I’m talking with couples about their wedding day. I have to admit, when I’m imagining a holiday for my family, the days are always sunny, and conditions are perfect. Of course in my mind if we are skiing on our imaginary holiday then the blizzards and snow dumps have already occurred, and we are skiing in perfect conditions. But it doesn’t always work out this way, does it?

Wet Weather Wedding Photography

So I wanted to dedicate a page just on this subject. The subject of non-ideal-conditions on your wedding day. Unlike Alinis Morriset, you might not think it’s ironic having rain on your wedding day.
If we were talking face to face I’d give you a knowing smile (11 years of shooting weddings, and 40 or so years of smiling) and I’d say to you “We got this”.
We’ve got this because it’s our job and we’ve been in this situation PLENTY of times before. But what does NIC (or non-ideal-conditions) mean? Usually it’s rain. Just plain old water-from-the-sky. It makes people get wet, makes hair go funny, creates puddles, creates mud. It stops you from having the day that you had planned. But it could also be wind. From the sort of wind that just makes your hair blow annoyingly, to the kind of wind that picks up your 4th bridesmaid and drops her in New Zealand. This can be awkward and costly.
To a lesser extent it could be smoke haze from bushfires, extreme heat or cold, unexpected street closures, protests, you name it – there’s many thing out there that want to upset you.

But we’ve got this.

We chat about all these things with our clients prior to the wedding day. We walk through the whole day picturing what things will look like in the event of NIC. Walking down the road to catch a ferry / having a ceremony in the park / a sparkler exit from the reception.
Obviously some of the arrangements are your domain – such as backup options for an outdoor ceremony. But for the location photography portion of the day we will chat about Plan A and a very solid Plan B. We want our clients to know that in case of rain, wind etc.. YOU ARE GOING TO GET BEAUTIFUL, FUN PHOTOS OF YOUR WEDDING DAY. They just won’t be of you walking through the park with the sun setting behind you. We will suggest locations where we can get in and out of the wedding car without getting drenched. Also where we can get your bridal party involved in the photos without it looking like we’re squished in the cupboard under the stairs. There’s so many spots around Sydney that we can suggest for wet weather wedding photography. And we want to talk about it. We want you to picture plan B on your wedding day, and we want you know that whatever the conditions, your wedding will still be perfect. We’re still going to grab plenty of beautiful, fun, natural photos for you to enjoy for ever.
So don’t panic if rain is on the forecast leading up to your wedding day. Please don’t spend the month prior to your wedding threatening the poor guys at the Bureau of Meteorology.
We got this.






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We've got this covered


We wanted beautiful photos of our wedding day, photos that tell our story, with a photographer we would barely notice is there, but we know is not missing a thing. We wanted the photos to be real, not any over the top super posed photos. Just the real us, our real friends and our real family.
In the moment.
We wanted our photographer to make us feel at ease and relaxed, because we know he’s got this covered and his easy going manner helps us to relax.


This was us 12 years ago when we were looking for our wedding photographer. Karl and me. Bec and I. And the photographer we were describing is us today. Our style and how we photograph a wedding .


People meet people. They fall in love and get married. They have lives together, careers, they have fur babies, they have human babies, and their families grow up. In the past 11 years, Bec and Karl have been photograping all these times in people's lives.

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