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Stefania & Justin, St Marys Cathedral, Opera Point Marquee Wedding Photography

How exciting for everyone that Stefania and Justin were to be married in the Crypt under St Marys Cathedral. Bec was photographing Stefania preparing for the wedding and I was at Justin’s house in the morning. All family were very excited and looking forward to a beautiful wedding day. Weather report was for a fine day with some winds. Well it was fine alright.

Justin was probably the first groom we’ve had who pulled out the dark blue suit with brown shoes, and I’ve gotta say he did it well. The groomsmen were a fine bunch of lads, only matched, maybe exceeded in style by the bridesmaids, but lets not make this a competition. The fashion bar was set pretty high this day, so everyone was a winner. Stefania outdid everyone of course, and together we had a pretty darn good looking bridal party.

We’ve ticked a few boxes here already for an awesome day.

Now let’s add to the mix some parents who were beside themselves with love and admiration for their children. So many happy faces, quiet moments of reflection, and words of love and encouragement. It always makes for a beautiful day, beautiful wedding and beautiful photographs.

Although with all these elements making a great day even better, we were treated to several moments of unexpected surprises. Take for instance the swirling wind beside St Marys Cathedral. Within seconds an otherwise ordinary walk from one location to the next turned into one of our favourite photos of the season for us, as Stefania’s veil blew up in the air, the bridal party watched with glee and the best man – well – the best man did something I’m not really sure what – but it looked funny, and it made the moment. The image is in Stefania’s beautiful wedding album and we had a print made for the studio wall as well.

It was that sort of day. Down at the Opera Point Marquee for the reception there was dancing by young and old, there were speeches that brought tears to everybody’s eyes, and there was love all around.

Congratulation Stefania and Justin.


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People meet people. They fall in love and get married. They have lives together, careers, they have fur babies, they have human babies, and their families grow up. In the past 11 years, Bec and Karl have been photograping all these times in people's lives.

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