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Shannon and Brendan, Wandin Valley Estate, Hunter Valley Wedding Photography

What is it about Wandin Valley in the Hunter Valley that makes it so good to photograph at? Maybe it’s just such a great place to BE at that everyone is naturally relaxed and in the mood for a great wedding. Natural photos go hand in hand with couples in love and happy.
Shannon and Brendan were this couple all over.

Having photographed at Wandin Valley previously, I knew a few beautiful spots, but I’m sure one could photograph several weddings there and not need to visit the same place twice. We wanted to stop by the big tree on the hill, and include some shots of the vineyards of course. Shannon also liked the gates out the front of the estate so we called in there as well.
The most natural photographs of the day occurred towards the end of the session, just before we headed back for the reception. I still needed a photo of the back of Shannon’s dress, and the longish grass on the gentle slope seemed a nice setting for this photograph.
Shannon was getting pretty cold by this time – actually it was freezing – and ready to go and join her friends for the party. I asked Shannon to go for a wander through the grass at her own pace, savouring the moment of the wedding day, the natural setting, and the isolation of Wandin Valley Estate.
Not more than 3 minutes later Shannon and Brendan were surrounded by their friends and family, they were warm, hydrating, and ready to party.
I ventured outside for some night time photos later in the evening. In the expanse of darkness, vineyards and trees, the Cricket Pavilion was an island of warmth, cheer and music.

On a side note, I was trying to get an action photo during the dancing, and someone took the opportunity to kick me in the bum. I took it in good humour, and thought to myself – as I limped back to my car at the end of the night – that if someone chooses to express their absolute joy and glee by booting the photographer at a wedding, then all the best to them. I feel your happiness.


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