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Rachel & Mitch’s Breakfast Point Wedding, Sydney

This is a wedding that my daughter would dream of. She’s quite taken with princesses, fairy tales and brides. She’s three – pretty cute and loves to role-play. Our white bath towels become the wedding dress, tea towels are the veil, and somehow I get to play the groom each time. Molly, the dog, is a guest, although I call her the wedding photographer because she’s dressed in black and trying to stay out of the way. Anyway, back to reality….

Well, not quite, Rachel’s wedding was a fairy tale wedding. She looked every part the beautiful princess. The horse and carriage was beautifully romantic and all of the styling was exquisite. Breakfast point community centre is unbelievebly neat and clean, the balcony out the back spills out onto the cricket pitch and the guests enjoyed a wonderful afternoon out on the deck as the sun went down. Music played, children ran around and everyone attacked the beautiful sweets table with a passion.

Talking about passion, Rachel and Mitch were inseparable after the ceremony, and I’d have to say that taking photographs of these guys on their wedding day on such a beautiful Sydney afternoon was a real delight. First we wandered around the park where the ceremony was held – Wangal Centenary Bushland Reserve – then the horse drawn carriage delivered Rachel and Mitchell to the village square in Breakfast Point. Some more beautiful scenery, some perfect hedges (don’t get Bec started on perfect hedges), ponds and archways. Well done Breakfast Point, nice work on being a great setting for a fairy tale wedding.

The next day, as we downloaded and sorted through the photographs from Rachel’s wedding, our daughter Stella was enthralled by the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids. Of course Stella’s version of what we had just photographed was highly amusing, worthy of a bedtime story in a land far away where Princesses marry Princes, horse drawn carriages deliver the royal couple to the ball, and candy tables never run out of sweets.

Congratulations Rachel and Mitch on such a magical day!

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