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Nicola & Giles, Dunbar House, Sydney Wedding Photography

Nicola and Giles exchanged vows under a beautiful big fig tree that canopied over them and their bridal party in Watson’s Bay.
The day started for Nicola at Watson’s Bay Hotel.  When I got there, the atmosphere was relaxed and excited. Nicola wore a stunning Raffaella Circa Pronovias Gown with hair done by Bernadette Abood from Exquisite Bridal Hair and make up done by one of Nicola’s friends Kitty Tang who wore pink.  Nicola’s flower girl, her beautiful niece, arrived just before she got into her dress and was just looking too cute not to take a whole lot of photos of her and her baby sister.
Giles got ready at their newly renovated house as Nicola’s most loved cat watched on wandering what all the fuss was about.  And then, the boys shared a few beers and made their way to Watson’s Bay.
The ceremony was a joyous occasion which even included a few fists pumps (notably Nicola’s fist pump as she walked out of Dunbar House). The ceremony was made that extra bit more personal with close friend of the couples Linda Bailey being the celebrant.  After a few family photos, we made our way to  lighthouse trying to beat the imminent rain.  Which we did momentarily.  And then a bit of rain came and the photos were even more romantic with some umbrellas.
There were some eager guests watching on from Dunbar House’s verandah as Nicola and Giles returned to the reception, Dunbar House. And then the party started. I loved watching Nicola mingle around the room with a smile that never left her and a niece who just wanted to be as close to her Aunt, The Princess for the night.  There was lots of smiles, laughs and hugs during the night and we thank Nicola and Giles for giving us the opportunity to capture those special moments.


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