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Kylie & James, Dunes Restaurant, Palm Beach Wedding Sydney

You know it’s going to be a great day when there is a guitar involved.

And so the day began.  After the boys had gotten ready, James unwrapped his present from Kylie.

It was an electric guitar. Pretty cool.

Wish I could play one of those.

And the day was wonderful.  A Summer Bay kind of day.

And, it got better and better.  The band played.

And then, the speeches. James finished his speech.

Then, he got out a guitar. Kylie took a seat. And he sang.


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People meet people. They fall in love and get married. They have lives together, careers, they have fur babies, they have human babies, and their families grow up. In the past 11 years, Bec and Karl have been photograping all these times in people's lives.

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