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Jess & Jason’s Deckhouse Wedding, Sydney Wedding Photography

Groom and bride prepares for their wedding day


Having a good time

Deckhouse Wedding Photography. When we photograph a wedding at Deckhouse in Woolwich, one thing is certain – everyone is going to enjoy themselves. You can see in these photos from Jess and Jason’s wedding that everyone involved had a pretty darn good time. What you may not be able to see is us also having a good time, but it’s there in the images.

The Preparations

The day started well, but it got better pretty quickly for me. I was in Jason’s hotel room finishing up with the preparation photos. I was wedged in a corner trying to get a good angle for a portrait of Jason, leaning awkwardly over the bedside table. The phone underneath me rang, and with Jason on the other side of the room, and me being closest to it, Jason suggested I might as well answer it. I usually identify myself when answering the phone, but considering the situation I just said “Hello”. “Hello Jason,” said the voice, “its the driver here, I’m early, but come down whenever you’re ready”.
What a nice driver I thought, great service, and punctual. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t talking to who he thought he was, I didn’t need to correct him and complicate the conversation. “See you soon” I said.
“Oh, by the way,” said the driver, “Don’t let that photographer waste your time and make you late, they do that all the time”.
“No sir, I definitely won’t”. My day was made. I carried that grin with me the rest of the day.

Deckhouse Wedding Photography

Anyway, on with the wedding – and our chosen location for photographs was in the park across the dock from Deckhouse. Starting in the Goat Paddock we find this spot particularly nice in the late afternoon when the sun is low and we’re shooting in the dappled shade, with the sun behind our bridal party. I have to admit we’ve been in this spot before, like at this wedding and this one. From the Goat Paddock it’s an easy stroll down the path to the dock looking out over Sydney Harbour, then around the rustic looking dock, past a few squillion dollars worth of yachts to one of our favourite wedding venues in Sydney. We have photographed many, many weddings at Deckhouse, and we love the diversity of the location, with it’s harbour views, industrial settings and natural bushland.



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