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Eilish & Will, Sebel Resort, Hawkesbury Wedding Photography

So it came time for Eilish and Will to have their pre wedding shoot. This is about 4 months out from their wedding day, and we had only ever chatted over Skype since Eilish found us. We met in Martin Place in Sydney and walked down the road to the Botanic Gardens for the shoot, then grabbed a coffee to chat about the plan for the wedding day. I learnt about their families, about their friends, about the photos that would end up being very special to them. Mum and Dad would have some very dear friends there with them, so photos of this group would be very important. The more our couples talk about their day, the more I learn about them. So when the wedding day comes around, I’m photographing people I know about. People who mean something to my couple, and I know why and how much.

And then there was the forest. It’s out on the road between Richmond and North Richmond. The sort of place that photographers drive past and say to themselves “I’d love to photograph there one day”.  And it’s exactly where Eilish wanted to have some photos on her wedding day. So we ended up in the Paulownia Forest, Eilish and Will with their best buddies in the bridal party, beautiful scenery and a happy photographer. It’s one of those moments you wish could go on for longer. But we had some rain approaching, we had an old car that needed to get back to it’s shed, and we had an outrageous party to attend with some enthusiastic Irish family. The night went off, family and friends mixed, new friends were made, old friends joked around. It’s the wedding Eilish had planned and executed perfectly. Even Grandma got up on the dance floor for a few songs to show how much she was enjoying herself.

People meet people. They fall in love and get married. They have lives together, careers, they have fur babies, they have human babies, and their families grow up. In the past 11 years, Bec and Karl have been photograping all these times in people's lives.

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