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Christina & Josef Deckhouse Wedding



Christina & Josef’s wedding day was full of fun and laughter.  They had their wedding at Deckhouse Woolwich. Josef and Christina got ready next door to one another. Christina got ready in her parents home and Josef got ready in the home that he and Christina shared which happened to be next door to her parents – very convenient if you ask me.

Before Christina put her western gown on, the boys had to get the approval from the bridesmaids to be welcomed into the house.  First they had to play some nasty games outside that the bridesmaids set up for them and then they had to bribe the bridesmaids to let them into the house.  Eventually they were let in, and Christina greeted Josef at the bottom of the staircase.

After the tea ceremonies at Christina’s house and Josef’s parents house (and a bit of lunch), the couple made their way to the ceremony at Christ King, North Rocks, followed by some photos around Woolwich. But before then, there was time for a few competitive basketball shots in the front driveway – Christina and Josef are very competitive with their basketball and Christina is a PE teacher, so this was to be a little bit expected.  Also, their pre-wedding shoot did have a basketball theme

We have photographed many, many weddings at Deckhouse, and we love the diversity of the location, with it’s harbour views, industrial settings and natural bushland.

We had noticed that Christina and Josef had a fondness for lego once while we were photographing in their house and then we saw the lovely lego inspired bombonniere as well as the cute lego men on every table.  Now those are some dedicated lego fans.  The reception was held at the fabulous Deckhouse in Woolwich which is one of our absolute favourite Sydney Venues.  There was even a classical recital from Christina’s young nieces and nephews which everyone enjoyed,

Thanks again for having us photograph your special day Christina and Josef!



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