Welcome to Welsch Photography and congratulations.

Are you about to become a new mum or are a mother of a newborn looking for a photographer-

  • photographer who can capture beautiful timeless photos of the baby you are waiting to meet
  • photographer who can create heirloom photos of your newborn that you will treasure for a lifetime
  • who is experienced with newborns and is and professional who takes her time to capture your baby in a peaceful, sleepy position
  • a stress-free and calm newborn photography session

Then we are glad you found us:)

A newborn is everything wonderful in this world and Welsch Photography specialise in capturing this glimpse of a moment in your child’s life.


Hi, I’m Bec Welsch, Newborn Photographer and Owner of Welsch Photography,

It was only when I had my first child, Stella, that I appreciated this miracle of life.  At the same time, I felt this incredible sense of responsibility and deep desire to protect and nurture this beautiful little girl.

This is when I fell in love with newborn photography.

We have been very deliberate in what we specialise in weddings and newborns. Both are precious and fleeting moments in our lives.

When I had Stella, I would think ahead of all of the milestones I had to look forward to such as her first smile, roll, giggle, tooth.  And, I wanted to freeze this special time I was having with her while she was the newest of new.  I feel so lucky that I have beautiful photos that I took of her when she was 7 days old.

About the Session

Newborn babies are finding their place outside of the womb and can often be quite unpredictable.  This is why it can sometimes take up to 3 hours to capture beautiful photos of your baby.  Alot of that time may be trying to settle your baby to sleep or feeding your baby.  All babies respond in different ways and I am guided by the baby on the day.

I am a natural light photographer and photograph newborns in my studio in the mornings.  Babies come from a 37 degree environment in the womb and while I photograph them with no clothes on, I ensure that I have the room temperature set for the babies comfort.

When to Book

To avoid disappointment, it is best to book in your newborn session while you are in your last trimester of pregnancy.  This would be a tentative booking in a period when you are expecting your baby  as I understand that babies don’t always come on time.  We would then ask you to keep us posted.

Session Timing

I photograph all of my newborn babies around the 6 to 9 day period.  This is when they are the easiest to settle.  Older newborns are not as easy to curl, can have newborn acne and are also more difficult to settle.  All the photographs you see of newborns on our website are taken between 6-9 days.

I understand that it can be daunting for a new mum to get out and about with a baby so young, so we do try and make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Email me at enquire@welschphotography.com.au


I look forward to hearing from you.





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