We schedule a viewing between 5 and 6 weeks after your wedding for you to come to the studio and collect your images. We’ll show you a slideshow of a few dozen images, hand over the USB and proofs if your package includes them, and then if you have ordered an album we’ll have a chat about the next steps in your album design process.
The Pre Wedding session, (sometimes called an engagement session) is a photographic session with Karl, designed to achieve a few goals. Firstly, its’s get to know each other – we don’t want to be strangers at your wedding. Secondly, it’s to get you comfortable in front of the camera – if there’s any awkwardness (more common than you might think) it’s best that it happens at the practice, then you’re good to go on your wedding day. Thirdly, its a trial – if you want to test your hair and makeup it’s a great opportunity to see how they look in photos. If you want to try out a new smile, a new hairdo, a new way of kissing, a new way of walking – better to do it at the practice. You can always decide that the old way was better, and not mess up your wedding photos. Fourthly – it’s good for your photographer to see how much or little direction you both need (or want) while having your photos taken. We’d like to be as unobtrusive as possible, and to limit the “directing” to a minimum. The Pre Wedding session lets us gauge this level so we’re not overbearing on your wedding day, or leaving you guessing what we’d like from you.