After meeting your photographer at the meeting spot, you’ll most likely move to another part of the park for the photos, depending on who is involved in the shoot. There will be a bit of walking, sitting down, maybe some laying on the grass, and plenty of smiles - nothing too horrible !
Absolutely! Just let your photographer know that you’ve got a change of clothes and they can make suggestions which clothes would suit the locations you are going to, and when would be a good time to change. It’s a good idea with kiddies to have a spare set of clothes anyway in case of any misadventures !
Please advise the studio as soon as possible if there’s any illness in your family. We want the session to be a pleasant and fun experience for everyone, so it’s usually best to reschedule in this situation.
We keep a keen eye on the weather forecast leading up to our photo sessions, and we will proceed with the shoot in overcast conditions, but not if it’s actually raining. The studio will be in touch with you prior to the session if we feel there’s a very good chance of rain. As before, we want the session to be a pleasant and fun experience for everyone, so it’s usually best to reschedule in the event of rain, strong winds or (in the case you have very small children) very cold conditions.
We will be in touch shortly after the session to arrange a viewing of your images. Whether this is done online or in the studio, you will be shown all the workable images from the session and you can make your selection of prints or products. Orders will take between 3 to 6 weeks to fulfil from the date of order.
We’ve have the same selection of lenses for a few years now, because they really work for us and we don’t feel the need to constantly add new stuff. We have the trusty 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses, then for a bit more fun the 50mm prime, and the 100mm macro for close ups, and a different type of portrait look. All lenses are L series of course. We update our bodies when required, and are currently using the 5DMk3.
No, we stick to what we are good at - relaxed, beautifully lit stills photography.
We don’t hand over RAW files. We hand over the finished product which is a high resolution JPEG file, which is ready for printing with no adjustments required.

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