Newborn sessions only work if the child is between 5 and 11 days old. Why so specific? Any earlier and and you’re probably still in hospital and recovering, and any older and your bub will be much more challenging to settle down for the poses that you see in our portfolio. Babies become more and more used to the idea of being outside at this age, and want to look around and explore, which makes photographing them almost impossible. If your child is older we would suggest waiting a few months if you can, even til they are 6 months old and can sit up by themselves.
We allocate about 3 hours of our day to a newborn session, generally starting about 10am. Obviously the quicker the better for everyone, but we don’t want to rush the baby, so if they need a sleep, a feed or just some cuddle time then we have plenty of time to play with.



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Our session fee is $150 for a newborn session. We allocate up to 3 hours for our newborn session – this timeView full post »