Congratulations on your engagement. It looks as though you might be considering a wedding at Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf. You are in for a treat!

We love photographing at Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf and have photographed weddings there many times over the last 10 years. We have photographed at countless wedding venues over the years. One thing we have noticed from Doltone House is the consistently high quality of service to both guests and suppliers.

There are many reasons why we love photographing at Doltone House in Jones Bay Wharf. It is a really central location which means we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to a location shoot. If you like to keep it local, there is a park close by called Giba Park that overlooks Doltone House. There is some beautiful shots there in the late afternoon sun and you can always enjoy some champaign and drinks in this spot.  Jones Bay Wharf itself is great to photograph around including walking up along the tracks and around the wharf itself. It also depends on where your ceremony is as to where you might like your location photos.

One of the great things about the Doltone House venues at Jones Bay Wharf is the size. Guests can fit comfortably in the venue without the tables being too squashed together. This also means for us that we can move around easily and capture those beautiful candid photos that we love to get without being overly noticeable.

During the course of the evening, most of our couples like the opportunity to get some night time photos on the balcony as well as enjoying a quiet moment together.

Congratulations again and we would love to chat more about your wedding and see if we might be the right fit for your special day.

Daniella & Joe Dolton House Wedding

Doltone House jones bay wharf wedding reception Doltone House wedding decorations bride and groom walking in front of Doltone House wedding guests doltone house doltone house jones bay wharf bride and groom entrance doltone house harbour views from doltone house flower girls dancing bride and groom hugging maid of honour speech groom speech guest laughing bride and groom waltz bride and groom waltzKirstin & Peters Doltone House Wedding bride and groom city bride and groom park bride and groom walking with sun streaming in shoes bride and groom walking in front of doltone house doltone house wedding reception doltone house jones bay wharf jones bay wharf bride and groom entrance speeches speeches bride and groom cutting cake wedding reception doltone house bridal waltz

Daniela & Joe ~ Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney

Daniella & John ~ Doltone House, Hyde Park

Congratulations on your engagement. If you have found yourself on this page, it looks as though you are considering a wedding at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) – what a treat!

We love photographing at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Firstly it’s such an iconic venue and stunning location. When we photograph at MCA, we have access to so many great spots with a lot of variety such as Observatory Hill, laneways of Sydney, the Rocks, Opera House, Botanic Gardens. It is quite endless. It is nice to have so many options which we can discuss with our couples. The option for night time photography is also really amazing with views over the city.

We have photographed a ceremony on the balcony at MCA which you can view below. The skies were blue and the guests enjoyed the amazing view over Sydney.

We have also had a client quite a while back organise a special fireworks display for his wife and guests – it was such a special surprise for the bride!

The Museum of Contemporary Art is also a perfect location if you have overseas guests joining you – it shows off the best of Sydney and has amazing views over the harbour.

After the location shoot, we like to photograph the guests mingling out of the balcony enjoying the views and each others company. Sometimes, the bride and groom have done their official entry and joined the guests on the balcony.

The MCA is one of those reception spaces that is easy for us to work in. It is easy for us to move around and not be too noticeable which allows us to take those beautiful candid images that we love during a reception.

We would love to hear more about your MCA wedding and to see if we might be the right fit for your special day.

Erin and Dean’s MCA Wedding

bride and groom walking through the rocks sydney bride and groom in front of sydney opera house Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) wedding reception wedding guests on balcony at museum of contemporary art sydney from of sydney harbour from MCA bride and groom entering reception at MCA night photo of reception room at MCA sydney harbour night time bride with grandma father of the bride speech bridal party listening to speech MCA reception room balcony groom making speech bride with hands on groom face bridal waltz and cake cutting bride and groom walk down street

Rebecca and Pauls MCA Wedding bride and groom walking separately to wedding at MCA Bride arrives at MCA groom waiting for his bride to arrive bride walks down aisle with mum and dad wedding ceremony museum of contemporary art sydney bride and groom ceremony wedding ceremony MCA bride and groom leave wedding ceremony bride and groom walking outside MCA bride and groom walk in sydney city bride and groom walking bride and groom walking observatory hill brides veil blowing guests mingling balcony MCA bride mingling guests mingling bridal waltz MCA night photo bride and groom Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) night view of reception room